All For Love

A dark secret threatens Tara’s dream of a happy ever after life with Cheryl.

Cheryl has been hurt before and is consequently afraid to trust anyone including, Tara, her lover of five years. She is convinced that Tara won’t understand and will see her actions as a betrayal or worse but time is running out and her dark secret is soon to be exposed.

Tara knows they belong together but Cheryl's increasingly volatile behavior is proving a barrier to their happiness. They need a miracle, or two, to save their relationship. In a final attempt to resolve the issues keeping them apart, Tara makes a stand and risks all for love.


“What do you mean, you’re not going... Why not?” I glanced up from the tickets in my hand and my heart sank. Cheryl’s implacable stance promised a confrontation that I could well do without after a long day in the courtroom attempting to defend the indefensible. On days like today I’m apt to question my sanity in opting for a career in public defense rather than accepting the lucrative offer I’d received from a private law practice. The answer, however, always comes down to why I chose the law in the first place. It does not matter how difficult or hopeless the case. I believe in, and strive for, a fair and level playing field for everybody regardless of their income or status.

“Because...” Cheryl didn’t bother to elaborate but merely glared.

“What’s changed? You were all for going to this event when we put our names into the draw for tonight’s special showing.” Acutely aware of Cheryl’s volatility, I tried to keep my tone neutral although uncertainty as to how she might react to the question had already tied my stomach into a tight knot.

Where had my beautiful, vivacious, lover gone? What had happened to change her into this surly imposter, who bore no resemblance to the angel I’d set my heart on marrying from the day she walked into my life with her bright smile and easy wit? Compassion melted my heart. I wanted to take her in my arms. Hold her tight, and comfort her. To soothe away the hurt she clearly carried with her everywhere like a heavy burden, if only I knew what it was, but I didn’t. How could I begin to understand, when she’d hardly spoken a word for weeks now, let alone confided her darkest secrets or her fears.

“Was I?” Cheryl’s tone conveyed total surprise at the mention of this hitherto eagerly anticipated social event. “Lighten up, Tara. You’re doing my head in with your constant carping about this stupid show!”

Lighten up…” Barely holding onto my temper, I echoed her scathing riposte. “Is that all you have to say? May I remind you that you were the one who begged me to put our names into the draw for these tickets. Because, and I quote, “Lee Delahaye is my inspiration” and “I’d be so stoked to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the retrospective of her formative body art alongside all her regular artwork.” Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention that this event supports our favorite LGBT charity.”

“Did I say all that?” Cheryl shrugged, avoiding my gaze as she raked paint-stained fingers through her short brown hair. “I honestly can’t remember.”

Clearly braless, her breasts thrust against her shirt as she expelled a ragged breath. My body pulsed with a need that demanded instant satisfaction as I fought the overwhelming urge to rip the fabric apart and feast upon the sweetness below. I clenched my fists, and drove my fingernails deep into my palms, in an attempt to stop myself from reaching for her when I knew that doing so would only drive her further away. I’d finally given up trying to love or comfort her, since every time I got close to her now she rejected me. It hadn’t always been like this but I couldn’t fathom out where or why everything had gone so horribly wrong.

“Do you know, or even care, how much these fucking tickets cost me?” I felt the sharp sting of my accusation and immediately wished the words unsaid. A dark red stain spread across Cheryl’s pale cheeks, almost as if I’d physically slapped her. Regret escaped from my lips in a long drawn sigh. This sniping back and forth was getting us nowhere fast. I wish I knew how to break the cycle but that was like wishing for the moon. My failure to find the elusive solution to our current problems left me feeling totally inadequate. Hell, I was the strong one in this relationship; I ought to be able to put things right.

eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 38 pdf Pages / 5688 words

Lesbian Romance, Erotic Romance

Heat rating: 3

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