Betrayed by Desire

Dalia Craig



Why I’d bothered to attend this private party baffled me, since I wasn’t a member of the lesbian club hosting it and knew none of the other people present. Hell! I’d never set foot inside the place before tonight and was unlikely to do so again. I suppose you could say that curiosity got the better of me.

I stood with my back against the wall and surveyed the lively crowd while idly fingering the now crumpled invitation in my pocket. No need to check the message again, I’d read it so often the words were engraved on my mind.

A surprise awaits you at Lezboz!

Come to the party on July 15th at 8pm and discover your fate.

Or spend the rest of your life regretting that you missed this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The only surprise, from my point of view, was the lack of anything remotely resembling a surprise. I couldn’t tell if everybody here had received the same invitation, since none of the other guests appeared expectant or dissatisfied with the current situation. I soon came to the conclusion that the invitation may be no more than an elaborate ruse to fill up the club on a midweek night and make big bucks from the sale of over-priced drinks at the bar. I’d almost decided to give up waiting for something to happen and leave when I got the distinct impression somebody inside the darkened club had me in their sights.

Warning sirens blared through every fiber of my body. I wasn’t here to attract attention, let alone find a new lover or even pick up a one-night stand. I shuddered at the thought of making out with somebody new while my emotions were still so raw. There weren’t many singles in evidence anyway. The event had attracted mostly couples—some smooching or flirting on the dance floor while others had joined together in noisy groups at the round tables clustered in front of the bar. Despite my alarm I didn’t run. If this wasn’t some clever marketing ploy, I needed to discover why somebody had gone to all the trouble of luring me here and what they wanted. I changed location several times over the next hour or so, never once identifying anyone who showed an interest in me or followed my movements. However, the sense of being watched persisted.

By half past ten I’d had enough. Time to end this wasted evening; I wasn’t going to learn anything useful by skulking in a corner nursing a ruinously expensive cocktail that was by now little more than melted ice. I dumped my glass on a nearby ledge and made for the exit. Dusk had fallen on the summer evening by the time I stepped out into the still, warm air and scanned the near empty street praying for a cruising cab to carry me back home to my lonely apartment.

“Not so fast, my pretty one.”

Before I had time to react, strong hands closed around my arms from behind and propelled me quickly away from the lit entrance to the club into deep, dark, shadows. My heart juddered to an abrupt halt then raced away to compensate for the hiatus. An insistent pulse pounded in my ears and a rush of adrenaline sent uncontrollable tremors fizzing through every nerve in my body.

So my fears of a watcher had been justified after all.

“We have some unfinished business.” Her deep sexy voice tied my stomach in knots, while hot spikes of awareness clawed at my pussy.


My brain struggled to cope with this revelation.

What business could this woman possibly have with me?

“I don’t think so.” I wrinkled my nose trying to separate the subtle mix of sandalwood, mint, and leather. There must be something I could use, some clue in these varied aromas that would provide a lead to her identity. Not a femme, certainly, her strength, attitude, and personal redolence convinced me I was dealing with a butch.

I tried to turn my head to get a visual image but once again my assailant outsmarted me. She pinned me up against the wall. Trapped by her solid body with my face pressed tight to a rough surface, I could do little other than breathe in concrete dust. Then she put her mouth close to my ear; her hot breath on my skin sent prickles crawling up the back of my neck like a hundred spiders on the march. “Don’t ever try to turn around again or you’ll regret you were ever born.” Her teeth grazed my ear lobe as she withdrew; the sensation sent a fresh charge of electricity racing through my body.

I already do…So what’s new?

I sighed. Without Roisin, life had little meaning.

“Let me go!” I struggled to free myself from her grasp.

“No way.” She tightened her hold. “It’s taken me a long time to catch you; I’m not letting you out of my sight ‘til I’ve exacted my revenge.”

Revenge for what?

Although a shiver of icy apprehension trickled down my spine, my body betrayed that fear with a rush of hot juices deep inside my crotch.

What is going on?

I don’t know this woman.

How can I have done her any harm?

“You’ve made a’re mixing me up with somebody else.”

A derisive laugh sounded behind me. “Now you’re trying my patience. Move, bitch!”

With my arm held in a vice-like grip, I had no option but to stumble across the parking lot toward a silver truck that stood in the darkest corner well apart from the other vehicles. I tried to read the plate but it was too dirty to see in poor light. The automatic locking beeped then she pushed me to the driver’s door.

“Get in!”

“No!” I balked, digging my feet into the dusty ground. “I’m not budging from here until you tell me what all this nonsense is about.”

“You want me to fuck you here? On the hood of the truck?”

“That’s not what I said, and you know it.”

Fire clawed at my core. Her words painted erotic pictures in my mind of dangerously risky, on the edge of discovery, sex in a public place. Although I normally avoided such exhibitionism, tonight, for some unaccountable reason I yearned for this bitch to fling me across the hard metal hood, to spread my thighs wide, and ram her fingers home then draw a searing orgasm from my overheated body. And I didn’t care who might be watching—in fact, the idea of somebody doing so raised my anticipation and added to the excitement.

“I don’t want you to take me anywhere, anytime, or anyhow.” The untruth tripped off my tongue with surprising ease. I wasn’t ready to reveal my innermost thoughts to this stranger.

“Liar!” She immediately slid her hand up my skirt and probed inside my wet thong with one hard finger.

I gasped and almost shattered from that single touch. Involuntarily, I thrust my ass back, wanting, willing that digit to drive deep inside me and relieve the excruciating tension. Then she moved to tease my clit, slicking it with the juices coating her finger.

“Yes!” I groaned, as fire consumed me and I moved against her, inviting her to go further and grant me the satisfaction I so badly needed. It didn’t happen, of course, this bitch was taking perverse pleasure in seeing me suffer.

“I think that proves my point.” She withdrew her hand and replaced it on my arm leaving me bereft. My pussy, not understanding this abrupt change of plan, still pulsed as if it was keeping time with the heavy beat of dance music now thrumming across the parking lot.

The sound of footsteps and laughter heralded the arrival of possible rescue. I drew in a deep breath ready to shout out as soon as they got close, but the bitch forestalled me by moving one hand away from my arm to cover my mouth. “Don’t even think about it,” she hissed against my ear.

Car doors slammed and the vehicle pulled out of its bay toward the exit, headlights swept the parking lot but to my dismay the beams didn’t reach into the dark area where she held me captive.

Once the vehicle had departed, she eased her hold. “Now, are you going to get in the truck?”

Terrified that my legs would buckle under me if I didn’t do so, I opened the door and slid into the driver’s seat.

“That’s better. I’m delighted that you’re seeing sense.” She got into the rear seat and passed the key over. “You drive…I’ll give you directions as we go.”

My hands shook as I started the engine and engaged drive. I drove for around half an hour. The streets were mercifully clear of traffic as fear hampered my attempts to control the unfamiliar vehicle. Although I tried to keep a check on where we were heading, the many twist and turns soon had me very confused. By the time she directed me into an underground parking lot beneath a condo and into a numbered bay, I was convinced all I’d done was drive around in circles. She hustled me from the truck straight into an elevator, which carried us up several floors in the blink of an eye. The doors swished open straight into the lobby of an apartment. “In there.” She pushed me through one of the doors.

Photographs of the most beautiful young girl I’d ever seen covered every available inch of wall space. I turned slowly, absorbing each photo, until finally I ran out of wall and found myself face to face with my captor.

So I’d been right, a nervous smile flitted across my lips, the jeans and a dark leather waistcoat over a tight white vest marked her down as a butch dyke, and hard with it, judging from the mouthwatering six-pack she toted.

Fuck me!

My sex-starved body clamored for the immediate attention of those large hands. Hot juices filled my pussy. I exhaled the breath I didn’t even know I’d been holding and moistened my dry lips.

The butch glowered and stepped forward to slap me hard across the face. “So you think it’s funny to see a young life snuffed out because of your cruelty?

“No, of course not.” I shook my head reinforcing my denial, my cheek still stinging from the slap then moved to look at the nearest wall of photographs. “I’ve no idea who this girl is or how you imagine I had anything to do with her death.”

“Of course you don’t.” The woman pushed me up against a full-length nude study. “Take a good look at her, at my beautiful Lexi, the young woman you groomed, seduced, and then discarded like a piece of trash when you moved onto your next conquest.”

“That wasn’t–.”

“Don’t try to wriggle off the hook.” Her solid body slammed into mine and trapped me against the wall, my face in close proximity to Lexi’s generous tits. “I know all about your methods, and your visits to Lezboz.

I relaxed, no longer puzzled why I didn’t recognize the girl. Roisin had a lot to answer for, or she would have had she not died in a senseless accident.

“Memory coming back is it?” She spun me around to face her.

“Not exactly.” I flinched from the inferno burning in her dark eyes. “All I can say is the person you’re looking for definitely isn’t me.”

“Liar!” She gripped me by the arms and shook me, banging my head against the wall.

“I’m not, I–.”  

She silenced my protest by taking my mouth in a savage kiss. I surrendered to the invasion, inviting her to deepen the kiss. She tasted minty, the fresh sweetness of gum masking a lingering aroma of strong alcohol. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, hard, deep and fast, as if she couldn't get enough of me, and then she hooked her hands under my ass, lifting me up until I wrapped my legs around her waist.

As in the parking lot, my body betrayed me. Urgent desire clawed at my core sending hot juices flooding against my already soaked thong. I palmed her cheeks, with both hands, pulling her tight, thrusting against her hard body like a wild thing, driven by a desire to satisfy the basest of sexual urges. What else could there be? I knew nothing about her—not even her name.

“Fuck me, please,” I begged. My voice a harsh whisper against her mouth.

She suddenly pushed away from me, glaring. “You disgust me, bitch! Do you imagine I’d soil my body with trash like you?”

Without her support, I slid down the wall and collapsed in a tangled heap on the hard wooden floor. Tears of frustration and inarticulate rage filled my eyes. I wanted to rebut her unfounded accusation. Nobody had ever called me trash before and it stung, but the breath rasped in my lungs making speech impossible. Maybe I could show this woman that I wasn’t Roisin. I reached for my purse and scrabbled around inside searching for some photo ID. Discarding several non-photo cards, I eventually found my work ID, and tossed the hospital pass at her feet.

She picked up the card, studied it then raised her head to stare at me. A frown creased her brow as she looked back down to the card. Then she shook her head in apparent disbelief. “I’m sorry, I don’t buy this. If Erin Frobisher is your real name, then how come you responded to the invitation and even signed into Lezboz as Roisin Delaney?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I don’t even know why I went there or why I risked forging Roisin’s signature.” How could I explain my need for answers to a stranger? “I suppose I hoped it might resolve some unanswered questions, put things into perspective, and help me move on with my life. I wanted, no, I needed to discover why she found that place so fascinating. What drew her there and made her return week after week.”

Her lips curled in a smile. “So she left you too?”

“In a way. We were together for over five years until...” I hesitated, still finding it difficult to say the words aloud. “Roisin died in a car crash four months ago.”

The silence was deafening. I studied my captor, watching a raft of emotions flit across her face while she absorbed the information. I knew exactly how she felt; I’d been there, done that and had the t-shirt to prove it. Long after the tragic events of that stormy night unfolded, all the questions I’d asked myself had remained unanswered.

“Oh my God! Erin, I’m so sorry to have added to your grief.” She extended her hand. “After all that confusion maybe I ought to introduce myself. Shannon Keyne at your service, and in case you hadn’t already guessed from the decor, I’m a photographer.”

I took her hand, got to my feet, and moved into her embrace seeking solace from a fellow sufferer.

Although very different from Roisin, I felt immediately at home in Shannon’s arms, drawing the same sense of warmth and comfort from her body as well as the buzz of sexual excitement.

Shannon eventually held me away from her and studied my face. Unshed tears gave her eyes a luminescent brightness. “Believe me, I do know how you must feel. When Lexi succumbed to an overdose, I couldn’t function for several weeks. Then, when anger replaced lethargy, I went in search of Roisin Delaney to exact my revenge and now I know why I couldn’t find her. I…”

Finally losing her battle to hold back the tears, Shannon collapsed onto the divan, her body racked with sobs. I dropped down beside her, wrapped her in my arms and rocked her, stroking her short-cropped gray hair until the tears subsided.

“Sorry about that.” Shannon pulled away from me then ran her hands across her face and scrubbed at her puffy eyes.

“No problem.”

Who would’ve guessed this hard, butch, dyke had such a soft center?

My gaze locked with Shannon’s and my heart stopped beating for a brief second.

Suddenly we were kissing. Our shared grief driving us to unrestrained passion and an overwhelming need for a release from the pain of our past so we could move on. Tongues entwined and breath hot with the scent of arousal, we tore at each other in a frenzied effort to get skin on skin.

Having dispensed with Shannon’s waistcoat and vest, I popped the snap on her jeans, slid the zipper down, and shoved my hand inside.

Jeez! She felt so good, so wet, and so hot. I dipped my fingers into her juices and spread them over her clit; it grew hard under my touch. I rolled the throbbing jewel between my fingers and my mouth watered. I wanted to taste Shannon, dip my tongue into her wetness and then fuck her until she was dry.

Shannon growled, rolled me under her and ripped my top and bra off with one swift flick of her wrist then she tore my skirt in two, and dealt with my thong in the same manner. She rained hot kisses down my throat to my breasts, biting and sucking at my flesh, and then down to the searing heat between my thighs. I arched my back, thrusting my hips off the cushions, my body trembling against the assault of her mouth. Shannon pushed my thighs up to my chest and held them wide apart, opening me fully to her tongue.

She probed my pussy then withdrew to tease my clit before returning to my slit. I couldn’t control my body; it bucked against her mouth as if it had a life of its own. A pulse roared in my ears and wave after wave of sensation swept through me.

“Fuck me; please…” My muscles clenched, my body poised on the brink of an orgasm yet resisting that final leap into the void.

“No! I can’t.” Shannon suddenly pulled away from me and sat up. Her face totally blank as if she had no idea who I was.

Her rejection stung. “Please… I need to come so very badly.” I pleaded with her like a condemned woman begging for her life. I couldn’t understand why she’d given me the brush off and neither could my body. It ached for Shannon to ram her fingers home, to fill me and drive me over the edge into that glorious state of oblivion where I would no longer feel the pain of loss.

“Maybe next time.” She remained withdrawn holding herself ramrod still and not meeting my gaze.

“Will there be a next time?”

From her behavior, I doubted it. Scalding tears filled my eyes at the thought of never seeing her again. For a few minutes I’d felt a real connection with her. Despite our short acquaintance I knew I wanted her to be the one to break my orgasmic hiatus. I needed to find a way to get her to fuck me and keep on fucking me until she’d plucked every last quiver from my starved body.

The silence lengthened into minutes before she relaxed her posture. “Undoubtedly…I want to fuck you, and photograph you too if you’ll let me.” Her intense gaze scanned my naked body and for the first time I saw real passion burning in her eyes. “You’ll make a great erotic model for my next project.”

My gaze strayed from her face and traveled around the room pausing at some of the more explicit shots of Lexi and my body responded to her request with mounting excitement.

Did she really see me as sexy and interesting?

I turned back to Shannon and smiled. “Yes, please.” My spirits soared high in the sky, like a newly released balloon. The unexpected party invitation I’d dismissed as a waste of time had proved a turning point. I would never forget Roisin but with Shannon’s help maybe I could at last move on with my life.

She grinned. “Good! Now I’d better find you some clothes to wear and take you home before you change your mind.”


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